Sunday, 5 March 2017

Being an Inspiration to my Brother

I never really realized what kind of effect my life choices would have on my brother.  I suppose that I should have seen how he looked up to me all these years, but for whatever reason, I missed it.

That was an unfortunate oversight on my part.  In some ways, I lead him down some good paths and some bad ones.  Since I am a big believer of talking only about the good things, I’d like to share some of the ways that I have “positively influenced” my brother.

When it comes to employment, I’ve done just about everything under the sun: I’ve been a mechanic, worked in Water Damage Restoration Arcadia, been a tour guide at a museum, and even spent just two weeks working as a barista at a coffee shop.  I always had the belief that I should take the opportunity to “try” things at my age when I had no one depending on me, and I really think that Michael followed my footsteps in this regard.  He has had many jobs, all of them in varying fields, and I think he is using these jobs as a means to “try out” the waters to find a job that appeals to him.

I’ve also seen him grow as a volunteer and he gives countless hours to some of the local organizations here in town.  He is following in my footsteps in that respect as I have spent many hours helping out organizations here too.  In fact, we make a good team, and we can often be seen together volunteering at the same venue.

While there are other ways that I have influenced my brother over the years, I am happy to see some of my good qualities have rubbed off onto him.  I know that he has influenced me as well – I think that we are both better men because of it.